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About Us

Positive Chimney & Fire Place is here to help you solve problems and improve your home with the warmth and comfort of the fire. Your first step is to come up with ideas. We have a lot of tools that we can utilize to help you build a vision for your future fireplace or stove. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to talk about more ideas and to see our displays in person. Our sales team will then help guide you through the process of what we need to do in order to see your vision come to life. This usually involves an in-home visit and / or a talk with your builder or remodeler. We go to great lengths to help you along in this process. We provide service and repair work inside your home on your stove or fireplace. Along with in-home services, if necessary, we can remove your wood, pellet, gas stove, or gas fireplace and bring it back to the shop for a thorough analysis. We can rebuild, replace, or repair parts in your hearth appliances as well, in-home or at our shop as needed.

Positive Chimney & Fire Place 

"Your home, think positive"

Services Offered

  • Interior masonry 

  • Brick, stone, or tile

  • Refinish existing fireplaces

  • Install new fireplaces

  • Exterior masonry

  • Retaining walls

  • Home exteriors

  • Hot Tubs & Spas

  • Grills, Smokers and Pizza Ovens

Contact Information

  • Location:6717 E M-115 Cadillac, MI 49601

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  • Instagram
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